Dates are the delicious fruit grown from the date palm. Date palms are native to the Persian Gulf area of the Middle East.
Iran is the fifth biggest exporter of dates and it is one of the most important export products of Iran; Iranian dates are exported to more than 50 countries annually. Iran has more than 240,000 hectares of date cultivation area and Iran is one of the largest dates suppliers in the world with producing more than one million tons every year.
Mazafati dates are one of the most popular Iranian dates in the world. Also, it is called Bam Mazafati dates it is one of the mainproducts of ABC BEST INT’L TRADE COMPANY, IRAN under the brand name of, “Haleema Dates”. This is very delicious dates as of juicy/wet dates which is famous worldwide regarding its juicy taste in the mouth but its price is very less as compared to some costly dates of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Tunis and U.A.E. This Mazafati dates have shiny, thin and black smooth skin and it should be stored at a temperature between -5 to 5 degrees Celsius to preserve & maintain its quality in the long run and itsgenerally exported in packages of 5 and 10 kgs of mother boxes.
These dates are supplied in large quantities to different countries from Bam city (Kerman province) and ABC BEST INT’L TRADE COMPANY IRAN is one of the leading exporters and suppliers from Iran. Our export starts in the months of September and October and continuesup to the Holy month of Ramadan to Muslim countries as well as to India, Far East and European countries.
We are one of the leading exporters of dates (Mazafati/Rotab dates, Zahedi &Pyarom dates)along-with other Iranian products such as Saffron, fresh fruits and dry fruits, please feel free to contact us at any time, if you have the requirements of these products.

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