Russian Transit Cargo via Bandar Abbas port:

Bandar Abbas seaport is the best transit point of Russian destinations too, as many normal size and big project shipments are being moved via Bandar Abbas port as (Sea+Land) multi-modal transportation via Astra bordering point to Moscow and other Russian cities and as well as via Bandar Abbas port to Anzali seaport by land freight and then sea freight upto Astrakhan seaport of Russia as SEA+LAND+SEA multi-modal transportation option. So we are providing our best services for these multi-modal transportation and logistics services with the help of our well trained & expert staff. If you have any cargo or shipment from any worldwide destination to Russia, we can provide you the best sea freight upto Bandar Abbas port and then land freight to Russian destination but with the best competitive pricing in this regard. Please note the available options are the multi-modal transportation of sea+land or sea+land+sea freight options. Please feel free to contact us for 24/7 and 12 months at info(at)abcbestfreight(dot)com.

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